DRE’s team of electrical, mechanical, and marine engineers are Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators (CFEI) and Certified Fire Investigators (CVFI). They have experience analyzing incident origins, cause and contributing factors – whether natural, accidental or incendiary. Our experts adhere to industry standards, including NFPA 21, in the investigative process and examination of all scene inspections, evidence-gathering, laboratory testing and analysis.

Areas of specialization include recreational and commercial vessels, motor vehicles, and commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Forensic investigations examine fuel, ignition source and sequence, fire propagation analysis, scene reconstruction and modeling, building/fire code and fire suppression systems analysis, metallurgical analysis of electrical arcing and fracture analysis, circuitry analysis, arc mapping, warnings/labels, and exemplar product testing.

Burned Car
Burned Frame

Fire and explosion investigations have involved:

  • marine fires (yachts, boats, PWCs, docks, loading facilities)
  • passenger cars, light trucks, and heavy equipment
  • residential and commercial natural gas lines
  • fuel oil fires and explosions
  • appliances, heaters, hot water tanks and furnaces
  • control valves and disconnect switches
  • electrical distribution and transformers
  • consumer products