DRE engineers have a depth of knowledge and experience that allows them to assist clients and provide services covering a broad spectrum of unique safety issues and diverse products. Motor vehicle projects, for example, have involved:

  • all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • buses, shuttle and transit
  • construction and farm equipment (multiple classes)
  • highway tractors
  • low speed vehicles (LSVs)
  • motor coaches and
  • passenger cars and light trucks.

Issues addressed include both pre- and post- production safety and damage assessments, often performed as a result of an injury or damage-producing incident. Analyses have also included the relevance and applicability of safety requirements to some motor vehicle vehicles (e.g. reasons some vehicles do not have seatbelts and recreational vessel occupants do not wear helmets).

Shuttle Bus Interior Safety.
Tractor Crashworthiness.

Similarly, other issues include why safety devices such as starter interlocks and feedback systems have not been incorporated on all modes of transportation. The determining factor as to why safety devices are incorporated or excluded from a product’s design requires a rigorous technical analysis. The resultant analysis must consider the overall effectiveness and functionality of the design beyond the immediate nature of a single event. An in-depth understanding of the many inter-related factors which contribute to one’s ability to perform these types of analyses has been a pivotal reason why clients have sought out DRE services.

Motor Coach Window Sensors.