Design Research Engineering services include risk analysis, human factors, and development of warnings. We are extremely familiar with litigation issues relating to warning labels and risk communication related to consumer products.

Carbon monoxide warning label developed for NMMA.
Carbon monoxide warning label developed for NMMA.

As part of our forensic engineering services, our human factors and warnings expertise includes:

  • Evaluation of perception and reaction of a vehicle or vessel operator as it pertains to accident analysis and reconstruction
  • Assessment of lighting, field of vision, traffic control devices and other potential influences on the perception and response of vehicle/vessel operators and pedestrians
  • Assessment of on-product warnings, owner's manuals and other off-product literature and warnings for components, sub-systems and complete vehicles
  • Development of on-product features and labeling to enhance occupant safety and owner satisfaction, including label design and testing for comprehensibility
  • Design and creation of owner's manuals and other off-product instructions and warnings
  • Use of hazard analysis techniques to identify product risks, evaluate their severity, assess the probable frequency of occurrence and make recommendations of warnings in an effort to reduce the risk of injury to the end user